Fitness area odéon spa


The Odéon Spa makes a difference and invites you in the new era of fitness, thanks to Technogym and its state of the art line of equipment for its Fitness area.

Located on the second floor of the Odéon Spa, the fitness area is equipped with the ARTIS line of machines, which offers the latest technology in terms of fitness. This line of equipment, which combines a sleek design with biomechanical engineering, innovative technology and sustainable environment, is truly out of this world. 



You are away on a business trip, or on vacation?

Your data is now stored n thanks to the integrated system UNITY for Artis. Dedicated to resident members and exclusive members, our coach will expertly guide you, on demand, through each step of your training and will create a customized program for your training.

Two fitness rooms, one room for dance/yoga or pilates lessons, one outdoor studio spinning, as well as a full range of accessories, are part of the wellness package of the Odéon Spa.

And if you decide to jog outside to explore the spectacular Monaco coastline, feel free to ask for our personal trainer to experience the Outdoor Private Training starting from Tour Odéon.


For any assistance regarding the use of the workout machine or the booking of a private lesson with a personal trainer, kindly contact the spa reception desk.